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Thread: Weight Loss, your Top 5+ tips

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    dietician told me weight loss is easy it's just a few simple changes which will become natural after the first 2 weeks. she said:
    1) low fat spread on toast etc.
    2) use sweetener not sugar
    3) have your meals in two parts e.g. two x half lunches.
    4) if you crave crisps etc eat french fries (crisp ones not mcdonalds)
    5) if you say have a takeaway every friday don't stop this as it demotivates you.
    6) cut down alcohol consumption
    7) weetabix and branflakes for snacks with skimmed milk instead of biscuits etc.
    8) if you love cheese on toast like me have ryvita with low fat cottage cheese (and chives )
    9) bananas fill you up have one inbetween lunch and tea to keep you going.
    10) Drink water instead of fizzy drinks as water = 0 calories.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ReD_mIst View Post
    Makes sense....
    ... lol @ "Teacake"... it's a barmcake, and you know it!
    Please dont turn this into a Teacake naming session, but with that said...............Your wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyt1992 View Post
    6) cut down alcohol consumption
    Yeah forgot that crucial one, cut mine down to 1 session a week max, (most the time not even that)

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    this is how i have done it and found it works wonders av been up and down like a yo yo in weight i can put it on then i can get it off been up to 18st then went to 11 half then sumtime afta went to 19 then back to 13st now am a shocking 25st and getting it off again a always have 3 main meals with 2 snacks in between eg brekky 2 weetabik skimmed milk with scrambled egg then snack apple hand full of seeds main meal sweet baked potato with cottage cheese salad another snack crackerbread with quark no fat soft cheese then main meal chicken steamed veg no carbs plenty of fluid and green tea with evey main meal then of course training
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    Cut out wheat, sugar and carbs completely for 2-3 weeks dependent on how much weight you want to cut. Then add a cheat meal (anything goes) once a week and try to sustain these eating habits long term to keep at your desired weight.
    I cut from 82kg to 70kg in 5 weeks, but I also train hard several times a day, so exercise/cardio workouts also have a lot to do with it.

    For the record, I now have 3 cheat meals a week and have stayed really lean.
    (cheat meal= one meal from a total of about 4-5 small daily meals)

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    Throw away the bread and pick up the wholemeal pitta.

    I've heard that 'grazing' (eating little and often) speeds up your motabolism.

    I try and only have heavy carbs like rice and pasta (and potatos, if you're into that sort of thing) in my main meal and try to make everything I make as simple as possible. If you make sure all the basic ingredients are good, then just use that. Seasoning makes you fat. It's all about the bland.

    Saying that, I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want and my weight will never ever change.

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    When it comes to losing weight, staying motivated is one of the hardest thing to do. You tend to want to give up after not seeing results early in your program. However, you should keep you eye on your goal. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds, 25 pounds or even 100 pounds. You see the only person that knows what you really want is you. Tell yourself you can do it and follow through with your program. Below are some tips to help you stay focus and lose weight.

    Tip #1- Avoid going on the scale on a regular basis. For most people the is a bad habit. You see the scale can be very discouraging. If you constantly go on the scale and do not see a decrease in your weight you will feel like giving up because you may think that your program is not working. But note that the scale can be misleading. You see while you are losing weight, you are also building muscles. Therefore it will not show on the scale since the mass of your muscles will replace the weight loss. So to avoid feeling discouraged, you should avoid the scale.

    Tip #2- Do not compare your body with others. Everyone has a different genetic make up. Some people can lose weight fast while some people will take months. Now if you are comparing yourself with others, you will only discourage yourself more and not focus on your real goal that you want to achieve.

    Tip #3- Treat yourself after you cross small milestones. This will motivate you to continue. So break down your long term goals into smaller goals and once you achieve one of your goals, treat yourself to something nice.
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    A few points for discussion.

    End result imagary is of UTMOST importance. See where you want to be, hear what you would hear, and feel the feelings of where you want to be - make the experience real. The mind doesn't know the difference between vividly imagined and reality. Pick your outcome in the FUTURE, not the past. And don't look to become an old you - look FORWARD.

    Not seeing results early enough in your program? Change it, it isn't working!

    1. Weigh yourself every day in the same state at the same time. It will only demotivate you if you don't understand what you are seeing. Do it every day and you will discover the patterns in respect to your weight - your water retention, your sh*t, the food in your need to understand the cycles. Look for the overall trends, not the individual readings.
    Imagine weighing yourself only once a week, and you hit the peak of every cycle. You'll be on maximum water retention and your body systems full, and could weigh up to 5kg over your lightest in the cycles for the same period.
    Understanding without emotion is the key.

    2. DO compare yourself with others. Model successful people. Ask yourself, "What are they doing that gets the results that I'm not?"

    3. Don't treat yourself. You're building in a pattern and not letting go. Don't 'deprive' or 'stop' eating anything. If you deprive you'll crave. Make a dietary 'change' instead...give yourself choice...
    For example, with my weight loss clients NO FOOD is deprived. They can eat what they like. But with the right motivation they just don't eat the chocolate - they know they have a choice!

    Of course, I also reprogramme their thinking with hypnotherapy and NLP change techniques, but hey, it works! Recent clients have lost 11kg in 11 weeks....9kg in 5weeks...all the time looking and feeling healthier and performance increasing...

    A different perspective?


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    That's really good advice Smiler. I used to do the whole "Ooh I will just have a treat" thing, then the "best diet and go without and deprive myself" thing too, but stopped doing it. I just plan my cheat meals in advance so I know when I am having them and look forward to it.

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    Thanks Lou!

    Yeah, the more you deprive yourself of something, especially if you are getting some secondary gain from it, the more you want it...the more you crave it...the more you need it...and the more likely it is you'll get it!

    Much, much better for sure to not deny yourself it in the first place, just make a conscious choice. And reward yourself with that satisfied confidence building self-empowerment feeling every time you make the right choice...and you will make the right choice, won't you?


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