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Thread: What happened to the insect army?

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    Default What happened to the insect army?

    Yorkshire's wildlife havent been terrorised yet.

    Have they started training yet? The winter will be amongst us soon - can wildlife in yorkshire hibernate in peace, safe for another year?

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    in other news, INSECT ARMY UPDATE: i have gatherd a small group of able bodied and like minded stoners to aid this plan. We had a crazy idea today tho, Ben what do you think about glueing a fly to a woodlouses back?
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    yeah man, im doing this for real. we have a Video Camera now so we can film it Bill Oddie/Deadliest Warrior Style...

    this is the greatest idea since sliced breade. the preperations are being made, and soon as a date is sorted to do it, a thread shall be made to follow the action

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    Great little topic.
    And Nice work--thank you for sharing- for me this makes perfect sense though.

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    Great link, thanks for sharing

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