I have two daughters.

Molly is 14 and Poppy is 11.

They both started WTF Taekwondo at 5 years old.They progressed to full contact kickboxing at 7 years Old.At 8 years old they began Judo.

Throughout this time i taught them BJJ privately.

Their weekly training schedule now is


Molly (the 14 year old) holds 2 Black Belts (Taekwondo & Kickboxing),a green belt in Judo and an orange belt in BJJ.

Poppy passed her Black Belt grading for Kickboxing TODAY!!!!
and also holds a red belt in TKD (equivalent to brown) and a green in
Judo,and orange in BJJ.

They have both played around with Muay Thai since they were 5 and train classes occasionally,but have decided that Thai sparring is too dangerous
because of the elbows and knees.

My reasoning behind teaching them to kick first was because a young girl will never win a grappling match with an adult (kidnapper etc) but i taught them to kick hard to the balls and run away as a self defence mechanism
as this is a little ones only chance.

My primary reason for teaching them these arts was for self defence and safety.The sportive aspects were/are secondary.