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Thread: Lets face it...we are one big MMA family

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanCrase View Post
    It's because of my sexy, sexy ass and the fact I gave it away easily

    Well Mother is in the Basement if you wanna beat her!! She's tied to the Sink like all house wives should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigSt.Clair View Post
    What happend to you anyways WT? you said you got sparked out?
    Long story I actually dont want to go into it

    Was out with my friend and a group of drunk blokes (around 25+) started shouting things at her while we was waiting for our other mate to pick us up. After a few back n fourth words I got in this one guys face and (from what I was told) his mate come up the side of me and sucker punched me.

    I wasnt properly out...but I still dont remember actually being punched. Just angers me that this coward didnt have the balls to actually confront me face to face.

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    Unfortunately that's what real fighting is like.
    No ref, no rules, no rounds, no doctors, no clean matted area.

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    What a mug you are WT.
    What made you think you were gonna have success in a confrontation against several guys?
    I'm glad you got twatted.
    Hopefully you've learned a valuable lesson.
    Maybe next time you'll pipe the fuck down.

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    tyson, why didnt you make the first move??? you hesitated and got your ass handed to you. live and learn and next time go for the glaswegian kiss then shoot in take him down and go to work.

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    White Tyson:

    "I don't want to go into it"

    Then he goes into it.

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