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Thread: The G.O.A.T in a cage, one month from today.

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    Default The G.O.A.T in a cage, one month from today.

    I got bored and pissed off with the whole thing of will he / won't he join the UFC and lost my interest. I turned my back and with the word's 'fu*k you then, go fight some cans'. I walked away.

    Now it will be one month as of tomorrow when he will step into a cage and meet a hard hitting contender with a 10 - 0 record and i can feel that fever again...............

    Yep its time to hug the man's nuts once more:

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    Best highlight ever.

    Career highlight video
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    Awesome highlight, really sells Fedor!

    Shame he didnt sign for UFC. Rogers is a tough dude but he is not Brock Lesnar.
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    that was intense
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    i do like the music from that highlight reel..

    i also like @ 5:35 he is like a rabid animal going in for the kill..

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    That highlight honestly brought a tear to my eye heroic.

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    I totally hate when footage is sped up in highlights. Fedors fights are generally impressive enough so why bother speeding them up?

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    The highlight reel might have become too long?

    I liked the sped up bits too an extent tbh, made him look vicious.

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