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Mr. Frakes, I have 3 questions, each requiring a robust answer.

1. If Picard has no hair, does not wear a beard and has no T's in his name, why is he held in such high regard?

2. If Miles O'Brien grew a beard, and it was thus combined with his Luck o' the Irish, would he become the most powerful personality on the Enterprise?

3. While you're directing on the set (e.g., of such blockbusters as Clockstoppers, Thunderbirds and that one episode of the Twilight Zone that you did about 7 years ago), who gets coffee for The Beard? There can be no honor in acquisition of coffee oneself.
1. Patrick Stewart ends in T, I think you'll find.

2. If Miles O'Brien grew a beard he would look like a man with a very hairy potato on his shoulders. However, he would be exceptionally manly as he knows how to fix things. He has never given the manly order of "FIRE" but he has given the slightly less manly order of "Energise".

3. Frakes needs no coffee, the Beard keeps me awake with gentle prods to my face. I am a drinker of tea which is a very manly and valiant drink.

Earlier in the thread you will find recommendations for the most august blend.