I haven't got the full details ironed out yet, but it's going to be something different cos I think the fans are getting bored by current MMA and I think this will pull in some new demographics...

- this event will be BAREFIST. Equipment allowed will be shorts, box & gumshield.

- the fights will take place in a cage measuring 10' in diameter.

- defensive tactics will be penalised. All fighters will be expected to be attacking 100% for the full duration of the fights. If a fighter is not attacking they will be penalised by a point deduction. If they continue to commit this foul, the fighter will have to remove their gumshield on the second offence and then box after that.

- rounds will be 5 x 1min with 30secs rest periods.

- takedowns are allowed but they must be slams or spikes, no trips. Judo style throws are allowed only if they land the opponent onto their head.

- joint locks are allowed but there is no tapout or ref stoppage. The injured fighter will have to continue with a damaged limb.

- chokes are allowed but there is no tapout or ref stoppage. Loss of consciousness ends the fight.

- fights will be scored on the following criteria...
+ amount of blood drawn from opponent
+ number of limbs disabled
+ number of knockdowns
+ number of slams/spikes
+ overall damage based on fighter appearance at the end of the fight

Any fighters interested, let me know by posting here