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Thread: Mike Bisping's pre Henderson fight interview

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    Default Mike Bisping's pre Henderson fight interview

    I just seen this. hhhahahahahahhaa.

    "I don't get hit. I can't be knocked out. He won't hit me. He won't land that big shot cos he's too old. I'll be too quick for him."


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    Please either do us all a favour and f*ck off or alternatively,


    Please can you ban this prick, he is beyond boring now.

    Many Thanks

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    lol at "I have your IP". Ooooooh what you gonna do with that info then? Send my ISP a nasty letter? Dick head.

    Anyway i'm not trying to be tough. Just laughing at Bisping's naive words.

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    not half as "naive" as 99% of the shit you've posted.

    name and shame this numpty.
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    Why should Stubbsy get banned ?

    His opinion may come across different that's all.

    If we wer all the same, the world would be a boring place.
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    dude, you are just a keyboard warrior, who has never stepped foot in a cage because you have no heart or balls to, and just sit behind a keyboard like a pussy.

    i would like you to say it to mike's face, you would probaly shit your pants, if he was behind you!

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    Brogan have you read his posts? Stubbsy is a cock jockey with crayon rage, scribbling bollocks for as long as possible before his medication kicks in.
    I thought he was a fairly entertaining spoof poster at first, now I just want the time back that I wasted reading his pointless fighter bashing, fantasy life stories and antagonistic shite. The guy was born an arsehole and just got bigger. Rant over.
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    is it the old ACA crew?
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    To be fair if Mike Bisping did say those things before his fight then it just sums up the whole TUF series him and Dan Henderson were on.

    The guy that Frank Lester beat to get in the house shouting "you can't beat me" after he just did.

    Frank being offered money to knock out James Wilks teeth only to have 4 knocked out himself.

    Martin Stapleton being very confident before his fight with a scared to death Cameron Dollar only to get beat.

    Mike says he's not going to get hit and KO'd then just as the rest of the season his words come back to haunt him.

    All this doesn't change the fact that Stubbsy has too much time on his hands and should just be ignored.

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