I posted a thread a few weeks back in the Pro MMA forum and sadly no one took it up, as I feel this is a serious issue for you guys in favour of a Governing Body for MMA.

In this month's Fighters magazine October 09, Page 36 is a piece about the 'All new WAKO GB Initiative', whereby WAKO have appointed John C Higo, UK Director of MMA, operating under the guidance of WAKO GB Ring Sports.

To summarise:-

1 - Chris has got the task of organising recognised WAKO certified courses to help MMA coaches deliver proper MMA classes and in order to qualify for the first course you must be a Dan Grade in a martial art, this is critical.

2 - it is not performance based certificate, it merely teaches you the correct procedures to follow whilst teaching and coaching, starting with basic and going to advanced level.

3 - referee's and judges courses will be organised and added to the WAKO GB database

4 - WAKO GB are looking to develop an official WAKO MMA syllabus, which they can follow if they require; if clubs already have their own it will be inspected by WAKO.

That's the main thrust of the article, grab yaself a copy and read it for yourselves.

I have posted this here so the guys involved in getting a GB set up for MMA what they will be up against, the British arm of a WORLD Governing Body for kickboxing, jumping on the MMA bandwagon. WAKO is a huge organisation and if they get there first (looks like they have already) then where will it end, how many GB's will there be for MMA and who's to say which is the best.

We all know on here that we are the UK's premier MMA practitioners and movers and shakers and here we see MMA being diluted and watered down for the masses.

Serious people reading this can PM me for an contact email for wako MMA dept.