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Thread: WAKO GB MMA Dept - please read!

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    I'm confused. Isn't John Higo part of the Straight Blast organisation?
    Any opinions I express on this forum are entirely personal opinions and it should not be assumed that they reflect the official view of any organisations I am connected with

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    He , or Leeds cage have anything to do with SBG.

    I coached his wife, Lisa, for Total Combat european title and G Fight World title tournaments. Both of which she won.

    Now he is coaching the coaches in MMA,

    Absoloutly nothing to do with me or SBG.

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    Thanks. That explains where my confusion comes from
    Any opinions I express on this forum are entirely personal opinions and it should not be assumed that they reflect the official view of any organisations I am connected with

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    Quote Originally Posted by stubbsyz_stezzers_dealer View Post
    I poted this before but it got deleted, so il post it again

    Do your research about who is teaching what before getting all bertie big bollocks.
    You clearly dont have a scooby.
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    Why do people feel threatened by Wako, is it because its the biggest and oldest Kickboxing organisation in the world ? Is it because in nearly every country in the world the governments speak to us first and usually follow our suggestions ? Wako believes in formats and set criteria everything written down and presented correctly, this is called professionalism and the people in charge like to deal with professionals, its the only way to move forward.
    We provide insurance and correct structured coaching methods, there are many former wako kickboxers out on the mma scene and their are many more wishing to follow, surely the diehard mma men are not bothered about the long shiny pants lot (By the way Karl, Anna still has my long shiny pants from when she won the wakos this year Lol) and she can keep them has a pressie from me, she earned them! MMA is mixed martial arts, its what a lot of people have been doing for a lot of years and long may it continue. I am an administrator l spend many hours organising the way Wako wishes to go with mma, then l present it to Wako ringsports and they amend, accept or reject as they see fit. I personally do not teach the grappling l have grappling instructors who do that, l am still very much a pupil and its great, l spend 7 days a week in my gym teaching kickboxing and working the stand up side of fighting with my fighters one on one coaching, when not doing that l am improving the facilities that we offer, l am usually covered in cement,sawdust or paint.What l am basically saying is if you don't like wako don't get involved, my life will just go on like it always has training martial arts.All the best to everybody, learn and train !

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    I worry about TMA instructors who have no qualification or knowledge to coach Muay Thai, Greco, freestyle, Muay Thai or BJJ jumping on the bandwagon and devaluing other awesome coaching happening around the country.


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    'is it because its the biggest and oldest Kickboxing organisation in the world ? '

    WAKO is a kickboxing organisation NOT Mixed Martial Arts!

    Lee Hasdell is involved with ISKA and rightly so they have chosen one of the UK's pioneers in MMA, who was involved in MMA right from the very start having competed in MMA events way before many of us knew what MMA was.

    I don't like the fact that an organisation that is primarily to do with kickboxing jump onto the MMA bandwagon, regardless of the fact that governments speak to you first.

    Nor do I like the proviso that you have to be a Dan grade in a martial art, that to me screams MC DOJO over anything else, irrespective of WAKO setting up criteria's and syllabus's.


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    What a load of shit, lol. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishface View Post
    1 - in order to qualify for the first course you must be a Dan Grade in a martial art, this is critical.
    Why? Does it matter which martial art? How is someone with a Dan grade in TKD anymore prepared for the course than someone who has never graded but has trained in MMA for a few years?

    I'm not taking the piss, this is a genuine question. You want to be taken seriously, 'governments go to you', a serious answer would be appreciated.

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    I must aplogise for not being online sooner to answer the relevant questions you are asking, been very busy with my fighters and training working etc.
    Everyone seems to question the dan grade set criteria for coaching courses, its just a case of showing that you have put your time in and have atleast the basic structure of how to teach and coach, which most reputable associations do with their various courses and really if you have spent any time in the martial arts you will have picked up a blackbelt or two, obviously if you come from somewhere that does'nt have gradings and you can verify your pedigree, we would welcome you on our courses, when the magazine article first appeared l was inundated with people wanting to attend, but the majority did not fulfill the criteria other than having some mma fighters box set and these people are not what we want in wako mma.Could have made loads of money but chose not to, this is a long game plan that we have and we want to get it right for the future and the people who follow in our footsteps. We are organising and have held courses for coaching and officials,
    these have all been filmed by wako and l am constantly subjected and rightly so, to feedback from them. My detractors do not realise how much experience we have in martial arts at all levels, not to mention fight experience and officiating experience, we have'nt just suddenly appeared like so many so called mma instructors.Wako are only doing amateur level and we are doing it our way, if you don't want to get involved then don't, but rest assured a lot of your future champions at professional level will have come from our Testing Grounds. All the very best to everybody we wish you well.

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