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WAKO have appointed John C Higo, UK Director of MMA
how is this guy qualified to be "UK Director of MMA'? I don't know a lot about him, other than that he's pretty much a pure kickboxing guy, but the details of the MMA course offered via his website are a bit confusing. Anyone got a dan grade in submission wrestling? Coz if you dont, this course isnt open to you.


My name is John C. Higo you may or may not have heard of me, I have been appointed The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) UK Director of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), operating under the guidance of WAKO GB Ring sports.

My job is to help promote and develop MMA within the UK whilst ensuring that we instil the outstanding expertise and professionalism of which we already witness within WAKO at home and abroad. Correct instruction and coaching at grass roots level is very important and I and my team have been given the task of organising recognised WAKO certified courses to help this new burgeoning ring sport grow in a strong and positive way for the future good of mixed martial arts.

In order to qualify for these courses you must be a Dan grade within a martial art, this is a necessary bedrock requirement to show you have the background to evaluate and fully understand the structured coaching course laid before you and the best way to take this knowledge and integrate it into your present system. This is not a performance based certificate it merely teaches you the correct procedures to follow whilst teaching and coaching starting with a basic level certificate through to advanced level certification.
can anyone tell us what qualifies this guy to certificate people in MMA, or how these 'dan grade' guys are going to begin teaching basic MMA after attending this course? Who instructs the BJJ at this place?