I can see the problem, as MMA doesn't have a grading system how do you know who is good/bad/ugly, and who out of those good/bad/ugly should be instructors?

WAKO as a large proffessional body want to get involved and need to set some ground rules for MMA coaches to ensure they are the right people for the job. I guess, coz i dont know, that they presumed most MMA fighters will go to more than one MA instructor from list of MT/KB/K/TKD/Judo/JJ/BJJ to cover their whole fight game, and therefore thought you must have a BB in something to instruct.

What are the other options?

MMA has no grading system (yet) and ability is measured by fight/win ratio, so the best guys should be the top fighters.. this isnt often the case, fighters like to fight not teach.. and being a good fighter doesnt mean you will be a good instructor.

If you went down this route, what about those great instructors who are now getting on a bit (like me), who in their days (before MMA) won loads of comps but are not wanting to jump in the cage with some superfit 20 year old to prove they are a great instructor/coach?

On another forum I suggested setting out an MMA syalbus (mainly for the guys I train, to give them some form of progression) but the issue with this is you could end up with a MMA BB who has never fought in a cage or won a fight.. which makes it seem a bit of a retrograde step.

The only other way I can think of ,measuring it, which follows the way things happen anyway, is that the good fighters will naturally find the good instructors, ("when the student is ready the instructor will appear") so you could base it on the number of clubs wins?

The BB in something is a good pointer, but definately not the right answer.

Suggestions on a postcard to WAKO c/o John Higo?