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Do you think that anyone should be able to teach MMA? Or would you prefer to learn from anybody?

All we are doing is setting a standard within "WAKO" to meet insurance requirements.

Its not compulsory to be a wako member to fight or teach, if you are happy to go with another instructor, then fine, do that.
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1) I have a monkey thats got great ground game, really slippery character. You could learn from him.
2) I am suprised it took so long to say that TBH

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True enough.The reason I ask is that expereince of training with John would be a good basis for judging his ability to coach. Be it Kickboxing, MMA, whatever. Best of luck with your training.
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no-one has questioned him at all?
Really??? See Above...

After getting through 7/8 pages of gripe, gripe, pop at WAKO, more gripes I got bored.

Surely a big reputable firm like WAKO getting involved in the UKMMA scene is a good thing.

Asking for a Dan grade or relevant experience ensures that the Monkey I have (as mentioned above) couldnt be a MMA coach.

The idea seems good to me even if slightly rough around the edges, and you are never going to be able to please everybody.

If you are not happy about the idea, dont take advantage of it. But unless you have hard proof that it is a fail - dont knock it either.

Just my view on the matter.