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    After a lengthy meeting today with investors, I am pleased to confirm that "Ultimate Knockout Challenge" has a green light to go.
    We are looking @ launching this exciting new product Feb/March 2010. We plan as before with CW to travel from City to City, showcasing our new product to as many audiences that we can. The short list for our first event is Durham/Sheffield or Nottingham.
    This new concept is open to all comers from any combat background & level. It is challenge based, therefore you need to decide if you are up for the challenge. There will be no "Ground" submissions, but ground & pound is permitted as is throws & takedowns.
    This concept has been created for entry level into the sport, that focus's on the striking as opposed to the more complexities of the submission art. All standing moves are permitted, i,e Punches, Kicks, Knees, Forearms, throws & take downs. A full list of rules is being formulated & scrutinised as we speak & will be available shortly.
    The new concept will take place in a 6 sided ring as opposed to the current Cage platform. The saftey factor that the Cage offers is not needed as there is no ground submissions.
    There will be 4 weight catagories:
    Under 75kg
    96kg +

    The weigh ins will be held on the same day @ a time that negates weight cut & Gain. This concept is designed for competing @ Walk around weights. For current MMA fighters who may be interested in competeing, this platform will not be record based & should not affect your current standing in MMA. This is a pay day event short & simple.

    Each event will feature 2 x 4 man tourneys. 4 x guest bouts from a more traditional standing to pad out the middle section of the event, whilst creating a reasonable amount of recovery time between pre lim bouts & finals, for both tourneys.

    The pay structure is 200 for pre lim bout runner ups
    400 for finalist runner ups
    1500 for final winners.

    Finalist Winners will be invited back for end of year GP for a chance to win 10,000 & crowned Champion.

    Any fighters wishing to be considered, please e-mail myself or simply PM me for more info.

    Likewise anyone who is interested in sponsorship opportunities or would like to have a stall @ future events, please e-mail me with your interest.

    Dougie Truman (President of CWFC)
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