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ok zam,,, i am not willing to argue with you but i will answer your questions.
yes i trained there a couple of times,, so yes i know what its like there.
being graded in mma(mixed martial arts) is a joke, there is no such thing.
even if being graded was exceptable,,, which its not... why would you want to be graded by someone who entered as a novice, in a submission grappling competion only 2 months ago?
the last thing i want to do here is argue with you zam theres just no point..
I'm not trying to start an argument, that's not my style.
At least you've come down to have a go,was the ring still up when you were there?
I still don't see what's so ridiculous about grading in MMA as a hybrid martial art form but you obviously do lol
Yeah Mike is fairly new to grappling, he's been kickboxing for years which is what the club started off teaching when it opened but then it moved to MMA. That tournament was just for a bit of experience, one of the Triplema boys who entered did get a medal for winning 3 out of 4 fights in his weight class.
Also Mike isn't the only coach, we have one that does K1 stand up, another who specialises in grappling and a few decent fighters amongst the guys who've been training for longer.
I'm glad you don't want an argument, I guess the term "Mcdojo" was a new one on me lol