I was asked to post this on here...

This is an open invite to attend the Teesside Interclub Challenge.

The event will be an amateur MMA interclub held at Teesside Thai Boxing Club in Middlesbrough on Sunday February 7th 2010. The show is being brought to you by Akurei MMA.

Bouts will all be under amateur rules (no headshots) and are only open to fighters who have not fought semi pro or pro in the past.

Entry fee is 5 and we hope to get each fighter 2-3 match ups.

Please forward any fighters you have that wish to enter - providing name, amateur record (if applicable), time training and their weight.

Men -66, -70, -77, -84, -93, +93
Women (if possible) -52, -57, -62, etc (or as close as possible to each other depending on numbers)

There will be limited audience space on the day of approx 60-70 (for non fighters) and tickets are 5 for spectators. (1 cornerman PER TEAM will receive free entry)

Either message me on Facebook or email kieronahimsa@yahoo.co.uk with fighters details or questions

Please let everyone at your club know