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Thread: Barnsley Fight Night Results

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    Default Barnsley Fight Night Results

    Firstly both Neil & Paul would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came last night.
    Major thanks also to: all the fighters,coaches, Marc Goddard, Michael and the Srike & Submit team, all our judges, runners, film crew, ring girls, waitress's, security, DJ, Mr Bower. And everyone else who assisted in making the night a success.
    The metrodome went to great lengths to ensure everything ran smoothly, so big thanks to them.

    Ian Dean, always a pleasure to see him, he adds so much value to the show, thank you for making the journey my friend, the benefit in having you there is immense.

    My apologies to all about the medics (or one of them). They need to be educated for the sport they are there for and unfortunatley it was their first mma show. They did a great job in the safety of the fighters but one of the attitudes of their team was not as good as it could have been, my apologies.

    Winners in bold

    Danny Dywer v Joe Patrick (TKO GnP stoppage Rnd1)
    Zi Shah v Tom Breese (Triangle Rnd 3 2,25)
    Tom Howells v Mathew Stocks (Decision)
    Ross Price v Martin Stocks (TKO ref spg 47 sec Rnd 1)
    Louis Chapman v James Green ( Draw)
    Daryl Westcott v Mark Stockton ( 2.17 rnd 2 Kimura)
    Tom Whitacker v Nick Slack (rnd 2 1.18 figure 4)
    Scott Askham v Sam Boult ( Decision
    Jules Willis v Billy Glossop ( 2.39 rnd 2 ref stp GnP)
    James Bateman v Leeroy Barnes ( KO 2.01 Rnd 1)
    Lanus Jones v Dan Sliwowski ( ref stg GnP 4.06 rnd 1)
    Pete Hill v James Saville (triangle 3.57 rnd 1)
    Wayne Murrie v Bryan Moore ( RNC 2.25 Rnd 1)

    many thanks

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    Really good show last night, the atmosphere was intense especially for the Scott Askham/Sam Boult fight which in my opinion was the fight of the night.

    Many thanks to all the fighters for putting on a great show.

    Hope to see the cage in the metrodome again.

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    omg i didn't even know about this event lol and it's in my own town

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    Well done Danny Dywer

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    7th June - 4th Oct - 15 Nov - Fighters Wanted

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    What was the Barnes vs Bateman fight like? Good KO?

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    it was an immense KO...... asleep after a big over hand right and a few big hammer fist follow ups

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    hahaha go on paul tell them how it was

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    There is a full Barnsley Fight Night report at:


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