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Thread: Barnsley Fight Night Results

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    was a great night, really enjoyed it and some great fights, and i do mean great.
    if you think its easy stop now

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    From the Hurt Business report:

    "The Barnsley fans went really wild. Wild like baboons on crack."

    Dan Hardy talks Swick, GSP and Daley and trains with new thai coach at Libery gym in Nottingham HERE

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    Well done Paul sounds like a great show.

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    Awesome night!

    Thanks for letting me be part of it!

    Any idea whats going to happen with the footage?
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    great show. Hows the guy who collapsed?

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    Mad props to Jim winning his first pro fight. I reckon people will start taking notice of him a bit more now.

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    well done to jules for winnin his first pro fight too, ross price landed some really clean shots in his fight too was a top night

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    jim was outstanding, good to see him making a statement and showing what hes all about. really good show. every fighter deserved a place in that ring and every fight as entertaining as the last. wasnt nice taking a trip to A n E after finding out ive fractured my leg but apart from that loved every minute of it!!!

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    Brilliant show,hope theres another. Every fight i saw was a beauty,very very close.thanks to paul and neil for organising it,james for taking the fight on late notice and all the combatbase folk. But in particular thanks to everyone from manvers who have trained me n got me into the best shape ive ever been in, n made me feel part of the gym for the last few months.thanks. Shame i couldnt repay you with a W.

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    Well Done Paul!



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