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Thread: Best MMA gloves??

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    Ouano used to make the UFC gloves, now it's Century that makes them. Source
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    I found the Rogue's ok... until I washed them.

    Agree though, no point in buying fight gloves really and I wish I hadn't bothered now. Although, doing nogi with them on does help imo but overall you're better off getting a pair of sparring gloves instead. -

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    Garou fightgear, Caged Steel, Kenka

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    Hayabusa, sandee or fairtex for me - Use discount code cagewarriors for 10% off your order

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    i have a pair of fairtex sparring gloves i got from evolution and they are awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by asgardmma View Post
    Ouano used to make the UFC gloves, now it's Century that makes them. Source

    Both Ouano and Century gloves are made in the same factory in Pakistan although I think the Ouano ones to a higher spec. But essentially its the same glove. John Ouano pretty well designed the UFC style MMA glove but I think Century got the licence in the end simply because they are the world’s biggest martial arts manufacturer and distributer, as such they had the capacity to deal with the demand for UFC products on a global scale that Ouano simply didn’t have.

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    I have a pair of Combat Sports International sparring gloves, and Fairtex fight gloves, which only end up getting worn for padwork. The sparring gloves are great, persect amount of padding IMO, enough for safe sparring but not so much that it gets in the way. Plus Combat Sports International can be abbrieviated to CSI, which is cool.
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