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Thread: Traditional arts are for more effcient

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    Default Traditional arts are for more effcient

    All this whinny pissy moaning...

    Thats because you are all a bunch of TUFF fighters... who breathe and masterbate to the drum of the tapout poser.

    Now because I was a Karate fighter far before my cage fighting days I can immediately recognize that Michida was far more efficient and precise with his striking. Each of his blows was far more powerful and exact that those of Rua.

    Machida could have run a marathon after the fight while Rua was exhausted from flailing his wild kicks and punches...typical sloppy cage for points style.

    Thats why in the street I wopuld capitalize on my TMA roots and be able to bitch -slap 99.9% of the gayrod cage junkies here.

    MMA is a sport. Karate is self defence.

    Know that.

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    Yeah, but Royce beat all them Karate fighters in UFC so it isn't more efficient really, is it?

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