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Thread: License/ governing body following death of fighter

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    Default medicals

    Full medicals are not 1000!

    I would charge 150 for a full medical including relevant blood tests.

    You also need a CT angiogram, not just a bog standard CT scan. These can range from 300 to 500 pounds depending on where you go.

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    how many shows get the doc to look at the fighters after they have fought? as well as before they fight, all the years i have been around, i saw it once at a promotion i was doing.
    how many promotions i wonder have a pack with facts and figures ready to give to the press, if a terrible thing happens?
    i think its worth haveing, rather than being pressed in to saying a thing that could cost the sport
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    Sorry about your lost man!!!! i believe a governing body is needed to take MMA to the next level. I use to play Ice hockey and once you started playing; you pay your yearly dues to U.S. Hockey federation. The same is needed in MMA this sport is always going to be view as street fighting. Unless we make changes to how we train , to developing fighter from amateur to professional.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss JohnJunior, and to the boys family too.

    It looks at the moment that there are a few bodies from other martial arts wanting to govern MMA, some people say its for cash , others say its for the saftey of fighters, others say it it is because MMA is the fastest rising sport in the world and they want a piece of it.

    I know you want this from your heart , but how would we decide who governs MMA?

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    Please accept my condolences for the loss of Dan.

    I feel I must raise a very important point here regarding licensing. The C.M.A.A. have been looking into this since 2005 from an insurance point of view and do have several MMA clubs in membership, however they are not covered by our group policy as the companies wont cover MMA unless we impose restrictions as in more safety equipment, rules etc. But to do that would stop it being MMA plus many would not adhere to the restructions within their clubs as already mentioned in this thread.

    However we have recently heard of another group claiming they had cover for MMA via Lloyds, so I asked our insurer to check into this for us.

    We have now had a response, which throws a big question mark over the statement made by the other group.

    The following has been posted on the C.M.A.A. news page:

    Added: 25.06.10 MMA Insurance
    We have now had confirmation that our group insurance policy has been renewed with Perkins Slade Ltd

    Since 2005 we have been searching for a company that could offer cover for competing and sparring
    in MMA (Cage Fighting) and having recently heard that yet another Martial Arts group were claiming that their membership involved full cover for MMA we once again asked Perkins Slade to look into it for us.

    In order to avoid any confusion over what we wanted we also sent them a video of a MMA fight showing a fighter being knocked out by a knee to the face.

    We received this response:

    ‘Royal and Sun Alliance have confirmed they are willing to continue to provide cover for the non contact training aspect of Mixed Martial Arts but are not prepared to cover full contact competing.

    As you are aware we have approached alternative markets for you in order to obtain cover for Mixed Martial Arts that some of your members practice in. As advised previously they were not prepared to offer cover for the Mixed Martial Arts side of things due to concerns relating to the heightened risk of injury. They were also concerned that an official could fail to stop a fight in time prior to serious injury.

    We have approached the Lloyds market for you and due to the nature of the activity of cage fighting our contact within Lloyds has also had difficulty in finding a market for the risk.‘

    We do have an ongoing article relating to this subject, which can be read here -
    Andy Morrell
    Cobra Martial Arts Association

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    A bit late with this but yes I feel we need something to govern the sport. We've all sparred with idiots who go to the gym to act hard or whatever, unfortunately these guys are part and parcel of what we do. With regard to insurance I've even struggled to get life insurance cover when asked if I do Muay Thai as a professional and as I get paid per fight I suppose I do.

    It is an issue but I certainly don't have the answer.

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