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Thread: LMAO who threatened to kill katie price's horse?

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    double post oops!
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    what the hell, tabloids are a joke. the didnt even quote it correctly, they put grammer in there. so the "quote" is infact a lie, you could probably sue them for that??
    and I am sure that Alex knows that they are super trolls and hasn't taken it serious, and Katie hasn't upped her security.
    if it makes anyone looks like cunts though, it's mma fans, as 90% of the people reading that shit will believe it was said in serious way.
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    LOL......Do me a favour. That horse is abused, its a crossdresser!!

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    " Cromscott the Movie "

    That would have kept its foul trap shut for a while.
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    ooooo had to hurt Wiegieboard's Avatar
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    This is great!
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    Even though I already find crossdressing a very mentally relaxing excercize after a hard day of rolling at the club,

    If I were a straight lad, I'd put on Sledges panties faster than he can lick a public toilet seat to get in the sack with Katie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CROMSCOTT View Post
    fucking hell White Tyson i was just trying to get ya some publicly .......if im gonna corner you ya better get used it.......were going all the way to UFC lad
    I cant believe you trolled the national news

    front page on the fucking Mirror!

    Quote Originally Posted by Smiler View Post

    Perhaps now some of you see how stupid you've been...

    Don't make threats, even if you are jesting.

    Put yourself in their shoes, see how you would like it if you were the one receiving the threats...

    Could you be any more of a suck up? If he wants to live his life publicly like that then he's gonna get abuse. He needs to learn to deal with it without ringing the police. Thin skinned.

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    That is kin brilliant :-) thanks for the laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer View Post

    That is kin brilliant :-) thanks for the laugh.
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