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Thread: Next eviction

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    Default Next eviction

    This friday will see a further eviction - if required - by you the forum users. If you dont wish to see another eviction, say so. This is to reduce trolling and general abusive behaviour so its up to you to keep your forum healthy and alive.

    Nominations here please : post your nominations on this thread and the two users with the highest amount of nominations will be placed in a poll for you to vote on this coming weekend.

    Once the nominations are counted you can then vote for the user you wish to see evicted. The user with the most votes will be banned for 30 days
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    It's week 2 in the Big Brother house and the trolls are in the diary room claiming innocence.
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    math2tor pref before wednesday night!

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    Who went last Friday - Cromscott ?
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    Anyone who signs up with an excessively long username that's all in upper case letters = generally troublesome troll.

    Problem is those who get banned simply sign up with an alternative username and just continue trolling as before.
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    lets hope so cromscott is a proper trolling knobb!
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    Without a doubt lyoto the cheater machida, biggest waste of space here. oh and luke should be nominated.

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    So is CORMSCOTT now banned for 30 days?

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    Lyoto the Cheater Machida vs. TUF weekly episode spoiler (who is this person, anyways?)
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    lyoto the cheater has to go he should be next on the hit list, the other trolls don't bother me so much as that clown.
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