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Thread: Web Design (Slicing to CSS)

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    Wondering if anyone has any experience with the above?

    I'm pretty good at making layouts in Photoshop and can Slice them and export them as HTML. The problem comes with making them into functional websites with DIV's in terms of expandable content areas etc etc. Does anyone know of any decent tutorials out there that can help with this? Ideally to do in Dreamwever not in raw CSS.

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    Ive just started pissin about with web design again after doing fuck all of it for 5 years or more. I think you can do it in a free program called Kompozer.

    You have to set it up to build your code in XHTML and use CSS Divs rather than tables. But I think it will do what you want.


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    never use dreamweaver to develop any.css below is some useful links tho also has some interesting links in it

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    Yup I'm a web designer/front end developer. You need to code up using HTML/CSS, as the dude above said don't use tables, optimise all images for web.

    To do it right man you would need time to learn the process, get couple of books on accessible html/css, sitepoint are good, there is a good CSS book out by Andy Budd, CSS Mastery I think.

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