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Thread: Riddle talks shit about Osipczak & UK MMA : "They’ve got Bisping and that’s it"

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    Default Riddle talks shit about Osipczak & UK MMA : "They’ve got Bisping and that’s it"

    This guy has nothing on Osipczak, is trying to pump himself up, and will get banged out imo...


    LAS VEGAS — “Ultimate Fighter” season seven alum Matt Riddle is sitting pretty eleven days before his fight, attending company presentations before heading across the pond to Manchester, England.

    The 23-year-old Riddle faces season nine alum Nick Osipczak on Nov. 14 at UFC 105, his fourth professional fight in as many Octagon appearances.

    For an out-of-town fighter, the mandatory meetings might have been a bump in the ramp up to a fight, but Riddle says he’s got everything locked down.

    Since leaving Arizona Combat Sports, Riddle has bounced between Xtreme Couture, Warrior Training Center, and Legion Jiu-Jitsu in his new hometown (he is originally from Allentown, Penn.). He’s over the club scene, and has settled into a good training groove.

    He hardly bats an eye at Osipczak.

    “He doesn’t apply his will on people,” said Riddle. “Usually, he just makes it out if he’s going against a tougher guy, and if he doesn’t make it out, he loses a decision.”

    And it’s not just Osipczak that Riddle dismisses. It’s the whole ninth season of the show, which he says was set up for the UK fighters to look good.

    “I saw it clear as day,” he said. “To the untrained guy, (it’s) ‘the UK guys actually have something.’ They’ve got Bisping and that’s it.”

    Osipczak, 24, was eliminated from the USA vs. UK reality show in the semi-finals, losing by unanimous decision to the show’s runner-up, Damarques Johnson. He did, however, show promise on his feet, knocking out Mark Miller in the quarterfinals with a head kick.

    Riddle says the gap in the country’s wrestling pedigrees will be widened in their fight. A wrestler from an early age, he wrestled to a state championship and spent two years in the Division I program at East Stroudsburg University.

    Simply put, he says they’re not on the same level.

    “He has one loss to a subpar wrestler and I’m a pretty good wrestler,” he said. “I’m pretty sure I’m going to smash his face in and he’s going to quit.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if I punched him four times and took him down even if he didn’t hit me. Just because I know where I’m really strong and I know where I can smash him out.”

    Riddle only sees difficulty if he can’t take the English fighter down.

    “I’m not the ‘Meat Missile,’” said Riddle. “I’m not 5’8” and fat. I’m 6’2” and jacked and I’ve trained my ass off. I train with a lot of good guys and nobody has it easy with me.”
    who writ on me bewts?

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    Didn't expect that from him. I used to like him before reading that, hope he gets smashed, but I kind of agree with his analysis of how the fight will go i.e him wrestling his way to a victory.

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    fuck him,show some respect.I hope nick stops this kid now.I thought matt was ok on the show just got a hard time from the others and is a bit goofy but no need to talk shit on someone who has done nothing but show respect and keep his mouth shut.

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    Normally I like fighters talking smack, but Riddle just comes across as a twat.

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    Nick is gonna smash the twat.
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    Ok whether he rates Nick or not, 'the UK guys have Bisping and that's it' is a stupid fucking comment and shows total ignorance of what's going on around him! Hardy/Daley would likely kill him and they are his own weight, then add to the talent list Etim, Telly's, Wilks, Pearson who are all at a similar stage or better than Riddle!

    I liked Riddle in TUF7 but he's either trying to hype is own fight or he's believing his own hype! He didn't win TUF7 and he wouldn't have won TUF9 if he'd walked in fresh like he did in that series.

    Still think Riddle will take this as he'll prove too good a wrestler and too big and strong, but at the very least i hope Nick smashes him a few times to make him realise he should think before he speaks out of turn about our fine nation

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    I hope Nick beats the shit out of this fool, lets face facts here to say all the UK has is Bisping is ludicrous. What a fuckin dick ME

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    Nick should come out to this

    He'll smash it up !

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    Nick was looking really sharp when i was down there last week. striking, ground game and wrestling all looking good

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