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Thread: Another 'Which Gi?' thread...

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    Default Another 'Which Gi?' thread...

    What is the best Gi for the more rotund gentleman? I'm 6ft and 100kg, I don't know what manufacturer to go for. Also, I don't know if I should get A3 or A4.

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    I expect the BJJ Del Boy's to turn up any minute with a Robin Reliant full
    of suggestions to buy their Gi's.

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    Koral MKM I find the roomiest jackets though trousers a bit snug

    as I pretty much always say, try some on at your club to see what suits you

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    have a look at the Gameness Gi's on, as metioned on a previous thread there now back and available.
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    Both in terms of price and your specific requirements, the only answer is the Faxia Rua Gordo.

    It was made for guys like you (and me).

    Get the A3

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    shoyoroll do a size A2H for the more rotund gentlemen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bishop View Post
    shoyoroll do a size A2H for the more rotund gentlemen
    No they don't - all sold out!!!


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    My fren. Take a wee looksie on Ebay, theres a Faixa Rua Gi for sale on there with about 18 hrs left, its at 15 at the moment.

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    Faixa Rua is my fav gi to date and is one of the cheapest out there.

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    I like Koral,Faixa Rua,Atama.

    At the moment in the cold i will be mostly be wearing my double weaves-
    Fighting Film's Master,Faixa Rua Black Double Weave (warm as hell),Mizuno.

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