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Thread: Judo and BJJ @ Carlsons on Sat'y.

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    Default Judo and BJJ @ Carlsons on Sat'y.

    Hi fellas,

    My club is having a christmas break, so i'm thinking of going down for the Judo session followed by BJJ on the Sat'y.

    Anyone do the Judo sessions?

    We do a fair bit of newaza at my club, so i'm hoping the BJJ lesson following the Judo will help me.

    For Simon of Carlsons, would it be ok for me to train for a few weeks when my judo club is shut?

    If all goes well, I would keep the Sat'y session after xmas anyway as extra training (anything for a competitive advantage).

    I am a rookie at Judo, but did a fair bit of judo as a lad and rugby/weights.

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    Yes you're welcome.
    Next weekend though we have replaced the BJJ Session with a promotion
    day-please check the website news.I need to check that the Judo is still on.You
    will get a reply here within 24hrs.

    If anyone else on this board has trained Judo at Carlsons please feel free to write a report on it.


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    Thanks Simon,

    I could always have a break over xmas and re-start in the New Year, not an issue, but you know what its like when you are really enjoying something.

    Thanks for the prompt response.

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    I often have to work on saturdays so I'm not a regular at the Carlsons Judo class, but I've been twice so far and they have been two of the most valuable classes I've been to.

    Danny Murphy is a seriously good coach, with an excellent way of combining Judo and BJJ. His emphasis is of course on the foundations of Judo, but he always throws a few tips in with regards to how to get an armbar from a throw whilst standing etc.

    Seriously worth attending if you can.

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