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Thread: Henry Akins-Rickson Black Belt

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    Default Henry Akins-Rickson Black Belt

    Some of you may have read that my first BJJ Teacher was a Purple Belt who was training out of Rickson's school in LA.
    His room-mate and training partner at the time was Henry Akins who went onto to become a Rickson Black Belt (one of only 3 Americans).
    Todd Fox my first teacher had always told me that one of the only people who really understands how to teach Rickson's style and fundamentals was Henry.

    Here is an interview with Henry that is very interesting,especially in light of the recent discussions regarding the Ryan Hall interview,Relson's podcast and Rorian's Gracie Combative program.

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    Awesome read Mr Hayes. just reading that has opened my eyes to alot of things.

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    Thank you for another great post. Enlightening read.

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    lol i was about to post this after reading you mention his name in the other thread. great interview
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    cool interview.
    Insert whiny message

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    Its not his cup you can feel.... Mike Bishop's Avatar
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    "when I train I always try to train like I’m weak. I basically try to train like I’m a weakling. My own physical attributes I’m always going to have, no one can take away my strength or my speed, no one can take away my endurance except me, so I always try to train like a weak person. I say to myself when I do a technique would this work if he’s stronger than me or bigger than me or heavier than me. Would it work? Would what I am doing work? If it does, that’s the Jiu Jitsu I’m looking for, something that would work on everyone."

    I liked this comment from the interview. Particularly when starting BJJ I had a tendency to rely on strength and speed so that was often compensating for lack of real technique.

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    That was an amazing intereview. I love it. MAkes me in awe of the art and of guys like that who have trained so long with Rickson. Makes me kinda sad though too. Like.... wow, there is SO much to learn its incredible. But also, i will never be that good. I dont mean "I will never be that good". I just mean " i'll never be that good at it". Destined to be average. Im starting at 34 years of age. By the time i am an expert, i will be ancient and average lol fuck.... im depressed now
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    I started when I was 34, I'm 40 now. I aspire to be ancient and average LOL!
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