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Thread: Gel hand wraps

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    Default Gel hand wraps

    Whats everyones opinions on these?

    I have bad joints due to always clicking my bones, so I feel more supported on the backs of my hands, but not as much on my wrist.

    Plus, they are a lot quicker to put on.
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    I prefer traditional handwraps they just seems to feel more real and just better. I don't know why :L

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    I've just ordered a pair which are coming next week so I will be interested to hear people opinions, do they offer more or less protection than wraps?

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    Gel wraps only cusion the impact really. Proper wraps aid in compression keeping your bones nice and compact and not loose.

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    Its harder to put the gloves on ith gel wraps.
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    They are pretty good in my opinion:

    Easier to put on (Literally like putting on a glove as oposed to learning wrapping technique)
    Quicker to put on (good if you go from BJJ to Striking a lot)
    Comfier (No uneveness or cuts in between fingers)
    Better protection of knuckles (I have bad hands and these absorb A LOT)

    There is almost no wrist support (With the normal handwraps I like to go round in total 5-7 times, but most gel wraps go round just the once. You could argue the gel takes a lot of the impact away from the wrist but I find you bend your wrist slightly more than wraps if you miss-throw your punch)
    They don't last long (Either they fall to bits or stink very, very quickly. Washing them seems to wreck them too)

    Hope this helps.
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    the blitz ones offer more wrist support than others
    not much knuckle protection though
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    i struggle to get mine under my gloves! but i wear them when doing circuits involving light bag work etc. No replacement for the real thing, especially if you have wanky wrists like me
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    ive got the ufc gel wraps, and they are really good in the way of support but after a while i find they slip and slide down the wrist which isnt good, gel wraps are good but i think traditional wraps will always be more reliable

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    My everlast pair came in the post today and I haven't had chance to use them but just tried them on and they seem to offer quite a bit of protection and the wrist velcro can be done up pretty tight but I can't give a proper judgement until I have had a good session.

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