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Thread: Ground Control WEIGH IN SCHEDULE

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    Default Ground Control WEIGH IN SCHEDULE

    Sunday Dec 13th!!!! Ground Control Nationals

    weigh ins are as follows:

    U68kg beg/int/ad & Women & Kids
    Weigh in at 10
    Tourney will start shortly after

    U73kg beg/int/adv & u80kg beg/int/adv
    Weigh in at 11

    U87kg beg/int/adv & u98kg beg/int/adv
    Weigh in at 12.30

    Over 98kg beg/int/adv
    Weigh in at 13.30

    Winners of divisions from last event get free entry this time round (MUST compete in the experience level above, unless advanced)

    Where possible all competitors will get at least 2 bouts!!!!!

    20 if you pay online now at

    or 25 on the day!

    trophies for winners + ground control t shirt + selection of mma gear+ free entry to next event.

    medals for 2nd and 3rd place
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    There's no way I can make it there for 10:30. Last time I took the first train I could and still missed the start of my division. And that was just before 12, if I remember correctly. Just so you know. @_@
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    How short is "shortly" after? and the early start (especially considering it's a Sunday) could cause havoc with attendence

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    i have ammended weigh in times, we will be starting at 10.30, you must get there for the above times at the latest!

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    Can you weigh in before your time (i.e. if you are cutting and want plenty of time to replenish yourself) and how much time is given for each weight to weigh in, say 73-80 are weighing in at 11, could some be fighting as soon as 11.30?

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    Yes you can weigh
    in anytime before

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    ttt guys!!!!!

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    Great, now people are botting for this title. Means my efforts of actually working for it were in vain.

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