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Thread: Opinions on Women Entering Men's Divisions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grappling Weevil View Post
    P.s well done rosi on the silver in the -68 mens advanced catagory. I promise there would be no crying if we had got drawn together in the finals, exept from you
    Ha ha! If you hadn't been frantically ducking me in the first place, who knows how things would have turned out
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    Personally, women are equal! Anybody who thinks otherwise is a slimey, chauvanistic pig who needs to get with the times.

    A man is a human being.
    A woman is a human being.
    A human being is unique, an individual.

    Everybody has their own mind, their own knowledge and skillset, their own peice of cake to bring to the party. If that makes sense!!

    A female grappler should be judged on her own merits and if proven worthy, be given the chance, the oppurtunity to compete. Against both man or woman.

    I would prefer men on men, women on women, but if that ain't possible then make it mixed gender.

    Bottom line: women should be allowed to compete against men, as long as their not wearing any clothes.

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    I would much rather be beat by a more skilled woman than be beat by someone who is less skilled but stronger.

    Kierons post was, as always, spot on.
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    i would roll with a woman straight away theres no shame in geting beat by anyone,

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