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Thread: Female Divisions and Brackets for U.M.A. Events from 2010

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    The Judo weight brackets sound a good idea, will speak to Jim about this over the next few days.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lou View Post
    I think anything with more than -65kg and +65kg would be a bonus and would definitely attract me to competing.

    And hello there you, nice to see you here (guess who)
    I'm guessing you have Panda issues!

    Yes, the -/+ 65kg thing is a pain. I'm currently ~53kg and losing weight, so I'd just end up getting squashed!

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    It's not great for if you are just over 65 either as you could get someone a fair bit heavier.

    And yes I do

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    Judo weight classes would work, and also tie in reasonably well with the MMA classes at the lighter weights... Good idea.
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    I like the judo weight classes. I can think of a good few female competitors over recent years who are -50kg. Wish I was still one of them.

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