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Thread: Women-only classes in London

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    Default Women-only classes in London

    Anyone know of any BJJ clubs in London that do women-only classes?



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    Is there nowhere in London?

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    The Carlsons Schedule has a womens only class on a sunday.

    Unfortunately, women only classes tend not to be particularly successful and often get scrapped.

    I don't know if this is the case with the Carlsons class though. It might be worth sending Simon a message to see if it's still running

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    Safe for that Iconoclast I will send Simon a pm and ask him. I reckon he problem with the classes in general is they are normally taught by men, which puts off women wanting an all-female environment.

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    There's one at RGA Thursday nights at 8:00. I will admit it's not 100% reliable, and if there are not enough the class morphs into a mixed class, but the AIM is for it to be women only. It was for the first few weeks, but enthusiasm wanes and then...well, yaknow.

    But if you contact the other girls and arrange the weeks you can all be there, it works better.

    Just a thought!

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    Ok thanks for the advice regarding RGA, unfortunately if men turn up as well it wouldn't be appropriate as the woman is from a culturally conservative background. If anyone knows about any other classes such as wrestling or Judo that are female-only please add to the thread.

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    Meg Smitley runs a women only BJJ training session once a quarter - Dartford - not too far from Kings Cross (about 20mins on the overland).

    Next one is 7th Jan 2010


    For complete and utter novices to complete and utter experienced. It is a sharing of knowledge, and run by women only.
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    Thanks very much MK that was more what I was lookng for. If anyone else got any more keep please add to the thread.

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    Thanks very much to Meerkastu, ever faithful friend to women in BJJ, for highlighting the Women's Open Mat. I'd just like to amend a few of the details given.

    The next open mat will be held on Sunday 7 Feb 2010 (12:00-15:00), rather than 7 January. The club is about 20 minutes from London Bridge station and overland trains to Dartford depart regularly from there and other stations served by Southeastern. Here's fuller details including travel info:

    As Meerkatsu described, the previous Open Mats have included total novices to seasoned players. There is a very welcoming and sisterly attitude and folk are patient and happy to work with newbies, so is all good! For more info, here's a review of the Q4 2009 open mat:

    Madhorsebjj, please feel free to pass my email addy along (, I'd be happy to discuss possible training options with someone interested in a women's only setting.


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