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Thread: Your dream instructors

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    Default Your dream instructors

    Imagine you were opening a school and could choose any 5 instructors to teach BJJ there, who would you choose and why?

    Basically this is who do you think are the 5 best instructors in BJJ, not 5 best competitors remember!

    I would choose;

    1- Rickson, just the things i've heard about how he can break down your game an completely shut it down an because of his technically perfect but basic game.

    2- Romero 'Jacare' Cavalcanti- founder of Alliance and teacher of fabio gurgel, Cobrinha among many others.

    3- Carlos Gracie Jr- founder of Gracie Barra, the most successful BJJ school in the world arguably. The legendary names that he has trained to black belt is endless.

    Now I am struggling here, it is very hard to put it down just to 5.

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    Others I would love to train with- Gurgel, Saulo, Renzo, Mauricio Gomes, Comprido, Royler.

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    Come on guys!

    I want Creonte or faixa's response aswell!

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    Braulio - because he makes things look so easy

    Dave Camarillo - for his use of judo and jiu jitsu

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    Mitsuyo Maeda the OG himself.

    Sasha Grey for her filthyness.

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    Rickson back in the days when he was actively teaching


    John Danaher


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Tapsalot View Post
    John Danaher
    Yeah, this guy is supposedly the dogs bollocks.

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    He is. Have never come across someone who teaches like he does.


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    1. Rickson Gracie
    2. Renzo Gracie
    3. Roger Gracie
    4. Fabio Gurgel
    5. Marcelo Garcia

    Wow, I struggled to narrow it down. Honourable mention goes to:
    Dave Camarillo
    Lloyd Irvin
    Osvaldo Alves
    Romero "Jacare" Calvalcante
    Mario Sperry

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    Oswaldo Alves
    Sergio Penha
    Roberto Leitao
    Marco Ruas
    Cassio Cardoso

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