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Thread: bjj/grappling new year resolutions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkne$s View Post
    Get stronger n fitter in general (stop skiving basically).
    Roll harder (too kind need to make more smash).
    Win some shit.
    Get purple..

    Good luck 6million, had acl reconstruction in 2008.
    Cheers, it's always good to hear from people who are back on the mats after the same injury!
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    Train 3/4 times a week without fail
    Compete as often as i can
    Take up judo
    Compete in judo as often as i can
    Become faster stronger fitter
    Stop being lazy with my diet andshed some body fat to get to my proper weight class

    just a few off the top of my head, but ill probably add more
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    Start making GIs and selling them on the forum

    For 2 years now it's been to get my purple but I'm still no closer

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    In no particular order...

    1. Don't break any more bones

    2. Start judo

    3. Take up yoga

    4. Do more cardio

    5. Find a training partner to start doing proper drilling sessions and failing that, try and do solo drills every day particularly when I can't make class

    6. Keep going to class

    7. It would also be nice to upgrade my belt to something with intentional colour ( as opposed to the grey hue it has from not washing it!)

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    train harder 5-6 days a week, wrestle with the iranian national team members in summer, win a competition in gi and no gi or at least medal in 3 comps gi and no gi. Work a strength and conditioning program and get a diet which doesn't involve me starving up toward the day of the comp.
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    Keep training 4/5 times a week, but add Judo and Thai Boxing if possible
    Enter 6 competitions, medal in at least one(blue belt)
    Increase my strength and maintain flexibility
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    ok this my real resolution bcorse you guys you take so serioss.

    makey sure i train without kimono evry week.
    finish triangles on bad side
    wris lock guys when i do omo plata
    300kg dead lif
    160kg bench pres
    finish my samurai tattoo (i get in 98 but i still need color but i never can afford)
    brabo choke the marrudo guardeiro who play half guarda with me
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    Mine is to win a match for once.

    I have lost every match I have had.
    Hey u have still won every mma fight you have had neil

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    Qualify and fight in the Abu Dhabi Pro. If I can't qualify, go and fight anyway.

    Grade at least three times in Judo.

    Fight at least four more Amateur MMA bouts.

    Get my Brown Belt.

    Up until I get my Brown Belt, enter and medal in every major CBJJ event, and get gold in at least one.

    Win a competition at Brown Belt.

    I aim to do all these things, and so I will. ^_^

    Take care,


    [Edit: Oh! And win a fight at the goddamn Scandinavian goddamn Open. GRRRR!]
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    oh yes forgot to add I need to make smash in a Swedish tourney and atleast medal. Hopefully the scando open.

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