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Thread: Blue or White Gi?

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    Default Blue or White Gi?

    Which one is easier to wash? Does the white stay white? (blood stains etc). Does blues colour run? Which colour do you prefer?

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    I haven't noticed any real difference myself. My older white gi's haven't turned yellow or anything, and my blue gi is still blue.

    White is cooler though.

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    Never any major problems with any of my gis. The white ones have a few small blood stains on them but most came out in the wash no problem. I find white ones eventually get discoloured around the armpits and waistband due to sweat.

    Coloured gis will fade but the colours shouldn't run badly. If they do then the manufacturer has used cheap dye.

    I always wash my gis after every use. 30 degree washes only except for when initially shrinking them. -

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    Oldschool no patch white Judo gi ftw!
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    i have a black koral light what should i do to shrink wash at 60? It isn't rubber collar thats mkm.
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    Im all about the white gi.
    The only guys i have rolled with who smelt have been wearing blue or black gis. Not necessarily a rule but due to that fact I stick with white.
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    White gi is my preference also, although after a lot of wearing and washing they can look more 'tired' looking than the coloured gi IMO.

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    My white gi came out kinda pinkish when it got washed with something red
    i just bleached it; it came out all brillient white again. HCK ... quality gi.
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    My black Koral Light's collar warped when I washed it and dried it on a radiator. So I think it's still rubber. If it's not too late, be careful!

    Personally, black seems to age best, even if it does go kinda grey. Blue fades, but at least doesn't show stains too badly, and white goes kinda yellowy given time (and shows stains). But meh, whatever works for you.

    Hope that helps!

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    I vowed I would never get a black gi, then I got one and it is already starting to fade after about x3 washes. But I kinda like the faded black look.
    All my white gis still look ok after a year or so.
    My blue gis seem not to fade at all.

    I wash at 40 degrees - alternate between one wash no detergent, one wash with detergent. I wash after every use.
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