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Thread: Blue or White Gi?

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    what'z the reasoning behind washing with no detergent?
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    Laziness, tight fistedness, and someone once told me that the detergent
    contains stuff that accelerates the dye coming out, possibly, don't know.
    Yeah 'd say laziness really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalkachu View Post
    My black Koral Light's collar warped when I washed it and dried it on a radiator. So I think it's still rubber. If it's not too late, be careful!

    Personally, black seems to age best, even if it does go kinda grey. Blue fades, but at least doesn't show stains too badly, and white goes kinda yellowy given time (and shows stains). But meh, whatever works for you.

    Hope that helps!

    Take care,

    Damn, i better not do that then i have no idea what i'm gonna do, i should have just got a1 and hoped for a nice fit, i reckon i'll have to wash at 60 just not radiator dry. If its shrink to fit will that make it really hard to shrink it in the wash?
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    I like blue, but Im an old Judo boy so I did my plain white Gi time.

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