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Thread: fast way to build up cardio?

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    No need to work cardio; just roid up like a bastard

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    sprints dawg

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    Interval Training would fit your needs.
    HIIT or tabata. Something like that.

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    Just do lots of running

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoGiCorbarian View Post
    Hey guys n girls any ideas on some ways to help build up my cardio as fast as poss?

    cant realy afford things like weighted vests etc so will have to be oldskool
    Tabatta intervals, Google them. Theres loads of music mixs etc on youtube, or you can use a timer like a Gymboss or an IPhone app or a stop watch at a pinch.

    THE quickest and most time efficient way to get in shape IMHO

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    tabbatas are mint i do a basic circuit on my cardio days with press ups burpees starjumps and jumping squats

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    Fitness can be relative to what you are training for - If you are doing loads of stand up do loads of stand up training, if you are doing loads of grappling do loads of grappling training. Sprints are very good to boost your basic fitness levels but do what you want to get fit to do if you know what I mean?? In my old Thai class we used to get people coming in saying that they ran miles but gassing after 20 mins - its all relative.....
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    sprint intervals as described you can gage fitness with the 1.5 mile/2.4 km run you want to be aiming for under 10 mins and improve from there
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