I have begun deleting threads that are only created as advertisements for Gi Manufactures.

I do not want the CageWarriors BJJ Forum to become like other forums that are used like internet sales markets.

If someone asks a direct question about a particular manufactures Gi then i am happy for that manufacturer to answer questions.

I am also happy for sponsored fighters to talk about their Gi's on these threads
where Gi's are the subject of conversation.

What i will not allow is threads to be started to generate sales.

All the manufacurers have been told although some have started asking their sponsored fighters to post for them.

I respect all sponsored fighters and as i say they are welcome to post on Gi threads but this forum is for intelligent BJJ discussion.

I feel the forum is a breath of fresh air,reasonably free of trolling and spamming and i intend to keep it like this.

Apologies to the guys whose threads i just deleted-to be fair they received no personal warnings,but their manufacturers did.

Many thanks to all you guys for the positive contributions you make to this forum.

Oh,and Gi manufacturers,in the unlikely event you would actually like to talk about BJJ or have any opinons on anything apart from selling your own Gi's please feel free to post.

Simon Hayes