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    I will start the story but leave it with an open end so you can contribute................ ''I was walking down the street and i saw what looked like a midget scuttling towards me and realised it was jay darrell, i asked him where he was going and he said.....
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    To the doctors so he can take a look at my

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    .....ass hole that sophie

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    may aswell stuck a big floppy dildo up there, as she fucked me so bad and made me out to be a perve, but had a little rash there after..........
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    ...embaressed himself nationally by...
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    declaring his love for smiler who then used hypnosis techniques on......

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    ...Jordan so she would dump him live on TV and then....

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    ...cromscott went to a local field and started slashing wildly at horses, overjoyed he then phoned his mate stubbsy who.....
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