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Thread: Weight Training?

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    At the moment im just working with kettlebells and doing pullups i used to do powerlifting style routines. Kettlebells are ideal for bjj and other martial arts as they teach you to move from the hips and develop some explosive hip power they also will increase your strength and strength endurance aswell as cardio.
    David is talking about periodization and it does work well planning your training and splitting it into different parts.. For example you could start doing endurance do that for a 2-3 weeks then move onto strength endurance do that for 2-3 weeks then move onto hypertrophy do that for 2-3 weeks then strength for 2-3 weeks then power for 2-3 weeks then have a 1 week break and start all over again.
    Working strength is usually about 80% and up of your 1RM.

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    Doing 2 x full-body workouts a week is a really good way to supplement your BJJ. IMO, periodisation is overkill (it takes a lot of planning to get right) and is only really necessary if you have a very specific medium to long-term goal in mind. 2 x full-body sessions a week with a more sports-specifiic approach leading up to a comp will really help.

    Definitely include lots of pulls.

    Maybe just do one horizontal push (bench) per week - if your coach is anything like mine he'll make you do loads of push-ups!

    Create a balance workout (push/pull).

    Use compound movements with good form.


    Include a GPP/conditioning workout after every 2 full-body sessions, there are good examples at - they're good fun, will test you and break-up the monotony of typical lifting.

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