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    Yes sorry, another gi thread.

    I want to purchase a Judo gi but they are all in centimeters, which has me a tad baffled. I take an A3 BJJ gi, so what size Judo gi would I need and do they have the same issue with shrinking?


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    I would say an A3 is a 180 cm.

    Some Judogis shrink and some don't, depends on the manufacturer. Fighting Films make a great gi, my 180 didn't shrink too much.

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    The black label is nice gi.

    The Master is a VERY nice gi.
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    Nice one TRIBULUS. Cheers!

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    Judo Gi's go off height ( approx ) I am 5.8 and wear a size 5 or 180cm if you need any more information just in box me with your height, chest size, leg length etc and I will measure a gi in my shop and get back to with the size you will need to buy - hope this helps

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    Cheers C.K.A., I've already gotten a 180 cm and it's an excellent fit.

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    how much did you pay - if you dont me asking LOL

    In box me your address and i will send you a sew on sandee patch so it dosent look plain

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    I paid 45 quid for it. It's a run of the mill gi, nothing special but I wasn't looking for a super gi. I'll wait until I'm half decent before I buy one of those.

    I could have gotten the same gi slightly cheaper online, but I found somewhere where I could actually try it on before I bought it.

    Don't need a patch for it mate. It's Judo, plain is good. Cheers anyway.

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