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Thread: vid interview with Robert Drysdale

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    Default vid interview with Robert Drysdale

    He talks about about team politics, which has been an active subject here recently, so I thought I would post the video to see what people think.

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    Interesting interview. There does seem to be a bit of a culture clash in the degreee team mentality in Brazil compared to America. Basically America has a much more individualistic attitude on the whole, and I think the English are for the most part more like the Americans in this.

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    I have a very Brazilian Old School attitude and i'm proud of it.

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    Actually on second thoughts it less about culture, but more about practicality. If you live in the big city and have a mature club with a healthy number of people on the mat then it is completely understandable that the instructor would be offended if you suddenly decide to go to a rival academy for a few lessons, as mr Drysdale says.

    However if you lived in bum fuck nowhere, like I did when I got into Judo, you just trained everywhere and anywhere you could get to. Everyone did even the instructors, certainly no one would give you shit about it. It was the only way to get enough lessons and enough diversity of people to practice with. Especially since the sport was in huge decline, all the trendy people had gone off to do taekwondo or Kung fu after seeing the Bruce Lee movies. If there was a familly community spirit it was something that was shared across all the clubs trying to keep the sport alive.

    It does take a bit of getting used to different attitudes if you move into a new area I think.

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    I stay at my own team 95% of the time, but I think you DO need to change it up sometimes and go train with other people, to improve your BJJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123 MMA View Post
    I stay at my own team 95% of the time, but I think you DO need to change it up sometimes and go train with other people, to improve your BJJ.
    Definately agreed,and thats why we encourage the Carlson students to visit other Carlson academies,for instance in the London area we have Hammersmith,Camberley,Tonbridge,Statford,Caterham, Luton,Maidstone, all with a different group of guys training at each location,but all of them are team mates.
    Jiu Jitsu is a journey undertaken with your team.You go into battle with your team at your side.It's not a personal journey.At least it's not at Carlsons.We welcome fighters that are looking for a team rather than just a place to train.

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    Watch the film Drysdale refers to here (made by tapout):
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    And Ashford Mr Simon Sir ;-)
    Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team Ashford

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    Cool documentary. Gotta love Jacare's takedowns tho.

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