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Thread: Walid Tadjouri- Carlson Gracie Black Belt

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    Default Walid Tadjouri- Carlson Gracie Black Belt

    It is with great pride that i announce that WALID TADJOURI was promoted to
    Black Belt today by Carlson Gracie Revolution Team Head Instructor
    Wilson 'Junior' Cretaro.

    Walid was on the mat at the very first Carlson Gracie London class and has represented the team since the very beginning.He has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 10 years.Walid has won countless Gold Medals at every belt level and is well known as a formidable competitor on the U.K. scene.

    He has been a fantastic friend and training partner to both Dickie Martin and myself since the start of Carlson Gracie Team.

    Walid runs his own Carlson Gracie Mata Leao academies in Stratford,East London and Luton as well as still teaching every week at The Boiler Room in Hammersmith,Carlson's Headquarters.I know his own students will be very proud of this massive achievement.

    Walid's promotion took place on a special day at The Boiler Room,with 120 students present to witness the event.There were about 30 more belts awarded and i will announce everyones achievement when i get all their surnames for the UK Belt Register.

    Congratulations Walid,It's a long road we have travelled together my friend.
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    Awesome, such a nice guy too.

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    congrats...great achievement

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    Over the moon for Walid!

    Disappointed to have missed it!

    Sounds like a truly memorable day for everyone at the Boiler Room. A massive OSSSSSSSSSSSS to all those that received deserved belts and a big up to those that sparred the tough buggers today!

    I can only imagine the whipping! Ive already heard murmerings of a cheeky couple of double legs that took place INSIDE the Gauntlet!!!!

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    Can't imagine what it's like to finally reach such a milestone.

    Well done seems a bit crap, but er..well done anyway.

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    It was appropriately brutal..... Well done to all the team

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    Congratulations Wallid. Awesome achievement.

    ttt for the whippings.

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    Thumbs up

    absolutely brilliant. As a matalaeo student, he is very humble and lets his bjj do the talking.

    Its a long milestone and walid and I were joking about him giving up and becoming a gardener! He has got a lot of love for the game and respect from all of us at mataleao. Im sure he has so many stories about the the whole carlson gracie setup from the beginning!

    Well done brother.

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    I have seen Walid on the BJJ circuit for many years and recently refereed him at the Kent Open. A true Carlson's warrior - congratulations to him.

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    What is matalaeo?

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