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Thread: Walid Tadjouri- Carlson Gracie Black Belt

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    It's been a real pleasure and honour to share the journey with Walid, amazing jiu jitsu and such a lovely Guy.

    What a fantastic day for the whole team!

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    WOW congratulations Walid. What an achievement, what a top guy too. I love Walid's lessons, awesome techniques and conveyed so well. I am really sorry I could not be there today.

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    Congratulations Walid. A truly awesome feat. As Wilson says, it doesn't the promotion to black belt happens very rarely and luckily, I have it on video if you want it. Let me know if you do and i'll get it to Dickie/Simon/Wilson. Congratulations again.

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    matalaeo = lion killer in spanish = rear naked choke?

    Was it a name given to him or something by a bjj? What nickname would any of you like to have? Iron Mike, Ice Man or like the WWF guys Brutus Barber beefcake, superfly jimmy snuka, etc

    ... And admit it everyone, WWF was the best thng back then!

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    ''Fren let me tell you, purple must smash people. SMASH THEM...that is hequirement for purple. Purple belt dangerus man, if purple belt cannot smash he not real purple'' - CREONTE
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    Much respect and OSSSSS from CG Holland!!!

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    Very well done to you Walid. Your technicality is so very very strong. The best I've ever seen in any martial arts. You definitely put the art in martial art.

    And a very humble, friendly guy too

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    well done!!!
    awesome achievement!!

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