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Thread: Not getting my blue is actually the best thing thats happend to me this year.

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    Hi Count

    Sorry you didn't get your belt mate, but it's only a couple of inches thick. You have to cover the rest of your arse yourself anyway Trust in yourself and what you're doing. Always be happy with the way you train, your attitude, etc- then you will realise that belts are nice, but not important.

    Even when you get it, you'll take at least 2 years, maybe double that- to get purple. All that training- just for a belt??? NO. You can't train for belts. There's no long term motivation in that. Train for YOU.

    I got mine yesterday. FWIW, I thought there were 2 people better than me, who didn't get theirs. Maybe you were one of them?

    When we went to dinner (as a team) after, one of the guys told me that I'll have a bullseye on my back now, because all the white belts will want to tap me (all of us I hope, not just me ), to show the instructors they should be blue belt. Blimey, no pressure there eh

    See you on the mat

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    Going from white to blue is one of the hardest transitions to make in the journey we are all on. A LOT of people find it is too much pressure once they get the blue and give up.
    Being a tough white belt hunting the blues on the other hand is a great place to be, no pressure at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBULUS View Post
    A LOT of people find it is too much pressure once they get the blue and give up.
    Now I think about it, the number of people I know who've got blue and then completely stopped bjj vastly outweighs the number of people I know who went on to get purple.

    TBH that always baffled someone could put in all the time it takes to get to blue then just stop.
    ''Fren let me tell you, purple must smash people. SMASH THEM...that is hequirement for purple. Purple belt dangerus man, if purple belt cannot smash he not real purple'' - CREONTE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inchbyinch View Post
    Now I think about it, the number of people I know who've got blue and then completely stopped bjj vastly outweighs the number of people I know who went on to get purple.

    TBH that always baffled someone could put in all the time it takes to get to blue then just stop.
    Simple. They contract blue belt-itis Just ask Simon about this malaise that hits people when they get the next belt


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    Taken from my blog here


    After reading many threads recently from white belts wanting their Blues i just wanted to warn you people of a vicious disease to watch out for that can easily infect people who get a belt too quick,but can also infect anyone else who gets a new belt.
    The illness can take the form of a common cold,lasting a few days,or it can mimick a nasty flu bug,lasting a couple of weeks.

    In extreme cases it can take as long as a broken limb to heal-MONTHS and in a few documented cases it can infect and never be healed.

    This disease leaves the Infected person feeling unable to train due to the intense pressure on their ego of having to defend their new belt in sparring and the possibility of a lower grade tapping them out.

    You may notice the beginnings of the infection as it takes hold with things like-you will find a reason you have to work late and not go training. Persuading yourself that you have a slight injury or strain and to miss training. You may find yourself only training on friday nights when you know most guys will not get to the dojo. You may find yourself at Judo more often where you don't feel the pressure of your new BJJ grade under the guise of "needing to work on takedowns more." You may only realise the infection is taking a hold when you find yourself in a Gym, Bench Pressing and doing Bicep Curls when you should be at class rolling.

    You will know you have beaten the disease when you look forward to rolling with the naturally athletic Body Builder white belt with unbelievable talent, so you can test your sweeps and submissions from guard.

    Coming next-The Virus lays dormant and mutates over a couple of years causing-

    PURPLE BELTITIS-Beware..............................
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    But on the other hand you know your gonna get people trying to smash you as a new blue so you have to pick up your game too.

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    I am happy wearing my blue belt now, but when I first got it I didn't think I was a blue belt. Took me an extra 6 months to a year to feel like a blue belt.

    Didn't stop me training mind you. Just felt a bit self conscious wearing it.

    Going to smash a white belt now though, some of you whities have been lippy here to the blues!

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    Here's something i wrote on the subject a couple of years ago-

    Reply #5 on: December 08, 2007, 12:13:35 PM

    "At Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team a Blue Belt will be available only to those that have shown they can use solid fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques to be able to submit Blue Belts of a similar size and athletic ability to themselves in live sparring with their opponent offering full resistance.The Belt will have no financial cost,but instead will be a very expensive commitment of your time,intellect spirit and loyalty.There will be no course,and no grading -Just a test of your heart and ability every time you step on the mat.

    On average,most people of average ability begin to exhibit the qualities mentioned above between 1 and 2 years of regular classes.

    In the 6 years our club has been training we have had 3 prodigies who were awarded their Blues in less than 6 months-A Sambo Black Belt,A japanese Ju Jitsu Black Belt who trained in an 'alive' manner at his old club,and a guy who had done 2 years No Gi at an excellent Submission Grappling club and decided to leave them to train Gi with us-turning up 4/5 days a week wearing a Gi-something i have never seen a No Gi guy with 2 years experience do before.
    All three exhibited the above qualities in a big way.

    We have also had guys that have taken longer than 2 years to get to Blue.

    Everyone is different and we all learn at different rates."

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    field of dreams bro - if you build it they will come lol

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    Man, I haven't even been training that long and I've already seen loads of case of bluebeltitis!! Terrible disease.

    The way I see it... whenever I have been awarded a belt there is no difference between the day before or after. Why would there be? The guys who gave me a tough fight the day before still will, the guys who were no problem will still be the same, and the guys who make me feel useless will continue to do so.

    Trust your instructor and be confident you have the right belt on. -

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