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Thread: Not getting my blue is actually the best thing thats happend to me this year.

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    When i was awarded my blue, i, like every blue belt i have ever talked to, felt a bit embarrassed as i felt i didn't deserve it. This was after almost 3 years training mind.

    There are some good white belts at my club who can (probably ) tap me. They're younger and fitter and will almost certainly overtake me. But that's cool. I know i'm doing the best i can, and like to think that's why the guy who promoted me did so. And he knows BJJ better than any of us. He puts his rep on the line with every promotion, so who am i to question him?

    My rule of thumb - do everything you do for the pleasure inherent in doing the thing itself. If you are doing it for any outside rewards or praise or recognition you're driving down a dead end street.

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    Not sure whether I agree with that. The pleasure is in the art and I continue to love training but the belts are important in the journey.

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    Prof Wilson has posted on FB that theres one more belt to award like the lotto it could be YOU..........
    ‎"He who goes to bed with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bishop View Post
    Not sure whether I agree with that. The pleasure is in the art and I continue to love training but the belts are important in the journey.
    I am actually feeling the belts are less and less important as I go on. I think it comes down to the fact that I accept i can only go so far (bad knees). It's nice to be recognised but I think if i knew for a fact I would never advance in rank I would continue to train.

    Having said that, I definitely felt better entering a tournament as a bad blue belt rather than as a bit of a sandbagging white (even though I was actually a white at the time). So I guess belts are important for competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    Man, I haven't even been training that long and I've already seen loads of case of bluebeltitis!! Terrible disease.

    The way I see it... whenever I have been awarded a belt there is no difference between the day before or after. Why would there be? The guys who gave me a tough fight the day before still will, the guys who were no problem will still be the same, and the guys who make me feel useless will continue to do so.

    Trust your instructor and be confident you have the right belt on.
    great post.

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    I got my blue too quickly and didn't get a chance to really kick arse at white belt tournaments. Do some competitions and feel dominant at your own belt.If you can't then a bit more time at your current belt won't do any harm. It give you the chance to be a champion.

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    I got hammered at white belt in competitions. So if you can win some competitions there, you've got yourself a good head up before you jump into the blue belt competitions and things start to get serious. So compete early, because it will get the nerves out the way for the later white belt matches where you can really go out and start smashing some people. ^_^

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    I like Matt Thorntons approach to this:

    Let people tap you, but don't let them or anyone know that you let them.

    Sure fire way to get rid of the ego and get on with what's important, training.

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    im doing my first bjj class tonight. i have done 2 or 3 years of nogi and wrestling and all this belt talk is very interesting as i have never thought about it like that. to me an opponent is just an opponent if i know there good or not.

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    I have never trained with a High level BJJ fighter who has let me tap them.
    Not when i was a white belt,blue belt,purple belt,brown belt or black belt.

    I'm not saying Matt Thornton's approach is wrong,just that i have never witnessed it.

    I wonder if i roll with him whether he will let me tap him?

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