the date of ready to rage 2 is changing to the date of 19th of june 2010 in newport leisure. ready to rage 1 was a great success so were back in june and were going to make it even better. there will be loads more of up and coming mma talent on show. we are still looking for a couple of match ups but this is the card so far

pro fights
nathan beer vs gor harutunian 70kg
jack marshman vs cedric ingariola 84kg
lewis long vs tbc 77kg
matthew francombe vs andy cockram 84kg
adam avo vs darrell james 77kg
martin mcdonaugh vs tbc 61kg
jamie barrat vs kris edwards 65kg
jonathan ramon vs ryan phelps 70kg
nikki kent vs matthew featherstone 100kg+
henry saye vs martin williams 100kg+
lova randrianasolo vs josh dennis 75kg

b class pro rules
chris koniskey vs craig moulton 95kg

semi pro
gareth powell vs nick carauna 85kg
shane riley vs ian mcleod 84kg

amuter fights
shane mansfield vs andrew mccara (head shots allowed on this bout) 77kg
christian tetly vs shaun tutton 77kg
dai jenkins vs carl kirk 77kg
nathan owens vs rikki fortuna 70kg
connor tudor vs nathan ford 70kg
jamie hughes vs tbc 77kg
chris smith vs chris walsh 77kg

on the card we have 9 local boys (newport) most of them training from newport mma. yet again the bonkers boys (tillery combat) dominate the card with 11 fighters. also we have fighters coming over from fightway (france). will be a good night!!!!!!!.poster and full details of the show will be released the end of april. tickets go on sale 1st may. ready to rage is sponsored by caged steel and trade price tyres