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Thread: Promotion Day At Carlson Gracie Revolution Team

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    Default Promotion Day At Carlson Gracie Revolution Team

    On Saturday 12th December 2009 Carlson Gracie Revolution Team held a
    promotions day.

    128 Carlson Gracie Team fighters travelled to The Boiler Room Dojo in Hammersmith,London for the event.

    As well as Walid Tadjouri's promotion to Faixa Preta by Wilson Junior Cretaro,the following fighters were also awarded belts by
    Black Belts Wilson Junior,Dickie Martin and Simon Hayes.

    Carlson Gracie Team strictly follows Brazilian tradition and does not charge students financially in any way to be promoted in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,but instead a new Belt signifies a very expensive commitment
    of their time,intellect,spirit and loyalty.There is no grading-Just a test of heart and ability every time you step on the mat.

    Well Done to the following guys-

    Brown Belt-

    Michal Adamczak

    Purple Belts-

    Ryan Robinson
    Mariusz Szulc
    Mark Phung

    Blue Belts-

    Patrick Zimmerman (6/12/09 Wilson Junior)
    Robert Tokarczyk (9/12/09 Wilson Junior)
    Andrew Ohls (9/12/09 Wilson Junior)
    Sacha Mackenzie
    Robert Watt
    Tom Boswell
    Kevin McGlade
    Tomorr 'Kung Fu' Shala
    Chris Duff
    Ahmed 'Rolls' Amin
    Dikaios Papadogkonas
    Lucasz 'One' Gudanowski
    Nick Steddy
    Dave Holland
    Stef Reader
    Steve Ladley
    Steven Obi
    Mark Woods
    Brendan Flannigan
    Mick Allen
    James Lutman
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    Well done to all the newly promoted students


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    Well done guys.

    There are a few new blues there who have handed me my arse quite regularly. Now they're blue I don't feel so bad.

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    Huge congratulations to everyone. Really sorry I couldn't be there.

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    heard that the whippings were truly a wonder to behold.
    Links to videos please

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    congratulations to all, am really gutted i couldnt be there
    smash'em smash'em SMASH'EEEMMMMM

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    Congrats to all! Gradings are an exciting way to challenge your skills while at the same time being an important mile stone in your Jiu jitsu career! Keep training hard and now lets see you grow into more formidable Jiu jitsu players than ever before! Onwards and upwards!

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    Any links to photos or videos? I'm hanging out for them...

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    edited for being rubbish at the internet
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