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Thread: Is Carl Fisher now part of the Carlson Gracie network?

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    Default Is Carl Fisher now part of the Carlson Gracie network?

    Carl Fisher has got the website in his signature.

    Is this because he is now part of the CG network?

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    No he's not,he's with Combat Base and is a friend who is always welcome at our club in London whenever he visits the South.
    There is a link of goodwill between Combat Base and Carlson's since my good friend and longtime training partner Rob Lawlor moved to Leeds permanently
    and went to train with Darren Currie.Rob is now a Brown Belt under Helen Currie and helps out with some teaching there.

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    He also periodically teaches at Salford fight factory on a wednesday and always brings good drills, technique and some new strength and cardio exercise to test us! Best of all he brings a smile to the gym which is how training should be , hard but fun (as it always is at the fight factory!)

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